LegacyShield® helps preserve everything you've worked for and everything you believe in.


Life is busy. Very busy. The average person has well over 50 online accounts, changes jobs 10 times before the age of 40 and has about a 50% chance of being part of a family involving step-parents and/or children. Financially, the most alarming issue is the increase in unclaimed property now estimated to be more than $58 billion.

Now more than ever, people need a system to manage all of their scattered information and data and a means to provide clarity when they are unable to do things on their own.

LegacyShield's® platform was developed to provide an easy, convenient and affordable means to manage one's life and make sure nothing ever gets lost - EVER!

That's why we call it Life's Mission Control®.


We vowed to turn our losses into something positive.

Our founders both experienced the effects of their families not having a system in place. Through no fault of their own, Michael and Dan's families just did not have the knowledge to even know about the realities of improper planning. Nor would they have had the resources to implement one if they had known. Learn more

As a result, Michael has many unanswered questions about his father, who he barely remembers. Family traditions evaporated when his mother passed, and he is still uncovering everything from pictures to bank accounts that existed (over 10 years).

Dan had similar experiences when his father-in-law passed. As an immigrant from Ireland who moved to the US in the 60s, his father-in-law spent his time working 15 hours a day driving a bus. He saved and tried to provide the best for his family. However, he didn't keep great records, and his children were left in the dark as to his final wishes and how to find all of their father's information.

Unfortunately, both Dan & Michael saw these same issues occur with countless other families and knew a solution was needed. LegacyShield® was born.

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Our founders have spent their careers helping millions of families

Michael, as the previous President & CEO of Transamerica Brokerage, and Dan, having previously founded and owned a national brokerage firm, worked tirelessly to provide education and security to every family they encountered.
Michael Babikian

Founder & CEO

Dan Pierson

Founder & CMO

Meet Our Team

Our Family Protecting Yours

Our team has a singular mission to protect every family by making sure everything you've worked so hard for is preserved.

Vahe Petrossian
Heather McKee
Rob Rung
Ashley Schopp
Art Rebekale
Terry P. Johnson
Hoi O'Leary
Camilo Torres
Our Culture

Open and honest communication

Great things happen in a safe and open environment. At LegacyShield®, every team member is encouraged to ask why and challenge the status quo. From our designers and marketers to our developers and software engineers, everyone collaborates and provides their insights resulting in a better service. Most importantly, all of this is done through the lens of "what is best for our customer."

“We started LegacyShield® with one simple mission - to provide advisors with the tools to help them protect families.”

Michael Babikian

CO-Founder & CEO

Preserve Your Legacy