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Standing out from the crowd and adding greater value has never been easier


Every company uses LegacyShield® differently to generate a unique experience. You decide the client experience. From co-branding to onboarding, we enable you to carry out your vision.

Provide added value to your customers and advisors

Stand out by providing advisors with tools to communicate and engage their consumers. Customers benefit from solving the gap in their planning and ensuring things stay organized and preserved.

Use turn-key channel enablement and marketing automation

LegacyShield® provides all the back-end tools and resources. Our marketing platform has hundreds of turn-key assets, which can be co-branded and used by any advisor. Our playbooks provide a step-by-step process, allowing for quick onboarding. LegacyShield® even administers all the commissions generated through the marketplace.

Enterprise Grade

Everything starts with a solid foundation

LegacyShield® started as a B2B2C solution from birth and has never offered services direct to a consumer. We fundamentally believe better things happen when an advisor is involved and understand the risk of disenfranchising advisors and enterprises by having direct consumer relationships. Therefore, LegacyShield® was built from day one as an enterprise solution requiring enterprise scrutiny around security and scalability.

"We could never work with a company that competed with our advisors. I appreciate the nuanced strategy implemented and sacrificed opportunities LegacyShield's team has made"

Vice President Strategy - Large Life Carrier

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Turn-key process

We do the work so you don't have to

We've designed LegacyShield® and amassed the resources to support it so you don't have to. We support the advisors and the clients in addition to implementing the marketing initiatives. Of course, this is all with your permission - LegacyShield® will only implement what you want.

"This is one of the easiest projects I've worked on. LegacyShield® has made it very easy to just plug and play"

Head of Distribution - Global Insurer


The consumer journey is an ongoing process

Many companies are struggling to digitize their business and are unable to effectively communicate with their consumers. Some have made progress with efficiency by offering e-deliver - but then what? Is the consumer really better off? We don't believe so. We believe the journey is just starting. LegacyShield® provides a unique and relevant journey enabling the company and advisor to keep that consumer on track through engagement and additional solution recommendations.

New Jones baby born.
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New Jones baby born.
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New Jones baby born.
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“I’m getting pressure from all areas. Our customers are demanding a better digital experience, our advisors need help standing out from the crowd and we are far away from resonating with millennials. Not to mention rating companies are looking at fee-based income when assessing company risk. LegacyShield® is able to help me in every one of these areas.”


CEO Insurance Carrier

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