Have you protected what’s most important in your life?

Start developing and recording your legacy so that, if the unthinkable happens to you tomorrow, the right information will get to the right people at the right time.

What Is LegacyShieldSM?

LegacyShieldSM allows you to create, store, and organize all of your most valuable documents, financial information, photos, videos, stories, and final wishes in one secure location.

This becomes a vault of knowledge and resources to be shared with your loved ones and future generations when you are gone.

Protect what you value most

Utilize a secure, central vault to safeguard your life’s most important legal and financial documents.


Help your loved ones decide…

Make it easy for family members to administer accounts and make decisions after you’re gone.


Develop your lasting legacy

Pass on your values, life lessons, and stories to enrich the lives of future generations of your family.


Communicate your wishes

Inform the ones you leave behind of your last wishes, and change details as often as you like.

How It Works

LegacyShieldSM is specifically designed to be easy to get started with - and easy to use. Follow these three steps, and you’ll be building a lasting legacy in no time:

Enter or upload the key info

Go through each category until all of your key stories, documents, and assets are captured.

Assign recipients and controls

Assign recipients such as family members or friends for your items, and give specific controls to individuals.

Why Use LegacyShieldSM?

Every year in the US, countless millions of dollars vanish in unclaimed assets - not to mention the family feuds over these assets and final wishes.

Have you considered what will happen to your most valuable documents, financial information, memories, photos, and stories when you’re gone?

LegacyShieldSM helps you help your loved ones locate what they need when they need it so you can leave a lasting legacy rather than a heap of problems.

Create a personal story to pass on

Share the story of all the things in life you can’t put a price on using our proprietary legacy-building application.

Securely share critical information

Grant access to your personal and financial information so that loved ones are not scrambling for important information when you’re gone.

Give the gift of a legacy

Help a loved one tell his or her own story and bring all of his or her life’s assets and memories together in one place.

Enjoy military-grade security for all your private information

Access and all content included in your LegacyShieldSM vault is protected by military-grade security so that your personal information remains safe and secure:

Encrypted passwords

Your password cannot be decrypted - even by us.

Military-grade data encryption

All your data within our system is protected by military-grade encryption.

Privacy by default

Only through your explicitly confirmed intent is information ever shared with others.