Your own digital Fort Knox.

From your insurance policies to your last will & testament, store everything for today, tomorrow and when you are no longer here. Choose anyone to receive the information based on trigger events.


Life insurance



Your virtual filing cabinet.

Categorize and record everything you own, rent or lease. From your bank accounts to your car payment, MyAccounts will make things easier for you while you're here and easier for others when you are not.

MyBasic Estate

Create the right estate planning documents tailored to your situation.

Sometimes, a basic estate plan is not enough. Our estate plan analyzer takes the guesswork out of knowing what documents are best for you and your family.

MyFinancial View

Your Financial Dashboard

Organize all your accounts from multiple financial institutions within an intuitive online dashboard. From bank and retirement accounts to credit card balances, everything is brought into one FinancialView.


You know what you want - do others?

Record your final wishes to eliminate the typical stress and confusion left upon your loved ones. Eliminate uncomfortable conversations, and change your instructions whenever you like.

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MyLife Stories

Your story lives on

Record your life story. Ensure your family and future generations learn from your life lessons, enjoy your anecdotes, carry on family traditions and know everything you want them to know about you.

My first job taught me many things. I learned that the real world was drastically different from the visions I had as a kid and what I learned in school. I needed to be resourceful and learned that the best way to excel is to work with others and seek out those who could complement my skills. Working with others and motivating them to perform at their best would result in better outcomes than trying to do everything myself. I also learned that persistence pays off and that...
The day my daughter was born is the day I became a man. This event changed my life. I can remember how the entire way I looked at the world changed. I now was responsible for someone other than myself, and I knew I needed to do whatever I could to protect my little girl. This meant I needed to...
The first time I set my eyes on Jenny, I knew I had to ask her out on a date. It was on that first date that I knew I would marry her. Our first date was very special. We had the same values and couldn’t stop talking! She was different from any other woman I’d ever met. She was complex and simple all at the same time. She brought the best out in others and made me feel special. Her kindness and warm smile gave me goosebumps.

Our job at SBLI is to protect families. Providing affordable, dependable life insurance is only part of the solution. The other part is making sure families receive the benefits they are entitled to. LegacyShield will ensure this happens.

Jim Morgan

President & CEO • SBLI

Protect your legacy, your wishes, and your family now.