As a leader in life insurance technology since 2014, LegacyShield has provided insurtech solutions that empowered insurance agents to better protect their clients. LegacyShield’s first platforms, MyBasic Estate and Life’s Mission Control®, provided agents’ clients with a robust estate-planning platform to help with preparing and disseminating information related to estate planning.

Out of a constant desire to advance our platform to benefit advisors, we’re now introducing an innovative new platform called Link. This game-changing platform allows advisors unprecedented access to leverage data-driven insights and, subsequently, grow sales.

What is Link?

Link by LegacyShield is a secure virtual workspace where advisors can connect and collaborate with their clients. With Link, advisors are able to manage their book of business, connect with other professionals, securely share any information at any time, collaborate with all stakeholders, and learn more about clients. Most importantly, you can receive valuable insights into your clients’ actions. Link allows you to receive alerts when a client performs certain tasks, like viewing a document, responding to your message and sharing files.

These valuable insights and timely notifications help identify gaps, giving you the information to recommend solutions that result in sales. The overall benefits to you, as an advisor, from using Link are incomparable to those previously had on other LegacyShield platforms.

How Link Can Help Advisors

It’s critical for businesses to be able to operate online today, and the life insurance industry is no longer an exception. Link represents the next step in insurtech designed for advisors. This simplified platform offers advisors robust capabilities for collaboration, connection and next-generation insight that all take place remotely. The advantages realized by advisors who use Link are now intolerable for them to go without.

Here’s a look at how Link by LegacyShield can improve the day-to-day operations for insurance agents and advisors alike:

Develop Multi-Generational Connections

More than 66% of children fire their parents’ advisors. Link prevents this from occurring by helping you create a direct relationship across generations. Thanks to the technology, advisors can streamline communication between family members and other professionals to help build trust.

End Encrypted Email Frustrations

One of the major benefits of Link is that it’s a better alternative to encrypted emails. Advisors are responsible for their clients’ information security, but secure emails are often confusing or a hassle for clients. All data on Link are stored securely and encrypted, eliminating the need for email communication.

Generate More Prospects

Requesting referrals annoys many clients and rarely produces lasting results. Link provides access to a network of friends, family and associations, uncovering your clients’ best referrals naturally and automatically without having to request them yourself.

Create Loyal Relationships

In addition, Link will help advisors better understand the needs of their clients while maintaining a fluid and transparent line of communication. Advisors can gain insight into their clients and their activities to better provide recommendations that exceed expectations and result in new sales.

Link is unlike anything previously offered by LegacyShield. From an advisor’s perspective, it’s a major improvement. As LegacyShield’s MyBasic Estate continues to help insurance agents provide their clients with a robust estate-planning platform, Link will now empower agents and advisors to remotely interact with their clients while gaining knowledge to help grow their business at the same time. Period.

To learn how Link by LegacyShield can help you connect with your clients and grow your business, contact the LegacyShield team today at 855-654-7674 or visit Link.

Dan Pierson

Dan Pierson

Dan Pierson is an insurance industry veteran, having run several insurance businesses and eventually selling a nationally recognized life insurance general agency. Dan started LegacyShield to help other insurance advisors grow their practices by focusing on the consumer experience.

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